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Saturday May 15, 2021

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Throughout our long history, FH Martin has successfully completed projects of just about every imaginable type and size. We take pride in our ability to understand the unique needs of each of our clients and to respond accordingly to meet those needs. The experience and dedication of our people, combined with our use of industry leading project management software applications, gives us the ability to be proactive in our approach to managing projects. Through proper planning, we eliminate obstacles before they have the chance to delay a project. Our leadership and effective management at the jobsite create a positive work environment, which fosters efficiency, teamwork and high quality workmanship.

Our Construction Group offers a full range of construction services, from the pre-construction phase through project completion and commissioning. We operate under a wide spectrum of Project Delivery Systems, including:

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Construction Management
Under a Construction Management agreement we can join the project team early in the process to provide critical elements in the project planning including budgeting, value engineering, scheduling and logistics. This pre-construction planning, can provide tremendous benefits to the overall success of the project. Another significant advantage in this approach is that it allows us to be more selective in choosing the appropriate trade contractors for the project. As your Construction Manager, we are part of the project team, with our goals directly aligned with those of the Owner.

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General Contracting
The traditional general contracting delivery system involves the Owner holding two contracts, one with a design professional (Architect) and one with the Constructor. The General Contractor is generally brought on after development of the plans and specifications, through a competitive bid process or negotiation. Under a negotiated contract, we will use an “open book” process where we obtain competitive subcontractor bids, but will also work closely with our client to make sure that budget goals are met, but not at the expense of quality, schedule, or other important factors.

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In a Design-Build contract, we are retained as the Owner's "single source" for both the design and construction. This method continues to grow in popularity, and we are pleased to offer this solution when desired by our clients. This delivery method has a number of advantages, including streamlining communication and expediting the overall project.

There are many factors to consider when selecting the most appropriate delivery system. The descriptions above are very brief summaries of the primary delivery systems utilized, but there are endless possible variations and hybrids of these systems. Please contact us for details and our recommendation for your specific project.
Construction Group
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