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Saturday May 15, 2021

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Educational Projects
FH Martin has been building schools for nearly 70 years. In fact, our relationship with one local school district dates back to the 1930’s and is still going strong – a testament to the quality work that we have done for them throughout the years. Building and renovating educational facilities is both demanding and rewarding. The buildings are unique, the schedules are tight, and safety - as always - is a top priority, as many projects are completed in existing schools with children and staff in close proximity. FH Martin takes great pride in the quality work we have done and continue to do for schools.
University of Toledo North Engineering Building
Toledo, OH
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FH Martin was the General Contractor for a 40,000 SF renovation of the University of Toledo's North Engineering Building. The project scope included renovation of office space and lab classrooms.
Architect: SSOE, Inc.
Completion: August 2009
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Newton Elementary School
Newark, Ohio
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FH Martin started construction of Newton Elementary School, part of the North Fork Local School District, in May 2007. The 65,000 SF school was completed in August 2008, in time for the new school year.
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Columbus City Schools
Columbus, OH
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FH Martin was the General Contractor for the construction of two new schools for Columbus City Schools. Construction of the 148,000 SF Downtown Alternative High School began in May of 2007. The building is three stories, and is surrounded by city sidewalks.

Construction of the 46,000 SF Livingston Elementary School began in September of 2007. Both schools were completed in January 2009, in time for the second half of the 2008/2009 school year.
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