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Saturday Jun 12, 2021

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Safety on our jobsites is the number one priority of FH Martin. The importance of safety is acknowledged by all staff members, from administration to field personnel, as an absolute requirement for a project’s success. Our General Superintendent and Safety Director, Bob Macey, is an experienced field leader with a strong sense of real world applications of safety rules and regulations.

Our objective is not only to adhere to OSHA standards and other governing agencies, but also to take the “extra step” to minimize risk to persons or property. Because a great deal of our work is done around the ongoing operations of our clients, we must take extra care to ensure the safety of the public using the facility while it is under construction. This requires our site superintendents to be ever vigilant in their enforcement of safe work rules, and they are empowered to make on-the-spot decisions where safety is concerned.

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Safe2Work™ Certification Program
As a further reflection of our commitment to continuing education and safety, all of our project superintendents are required to complete the Great Lakes Construction Alliance's Safe2Work™ safety training program. This intensive 14 course curriculum measures the participant's aptitude in workplace safety and terminology. Topics covered include Fall Protection, Cadmium Safety, Confined Space Entry, Electrical Safety, Fire Safety, HAZCOM, Ladder Safety, Lead Safety, Personal Protective Equipment, Scaffold Safety, Silica Safety, Trenching & Shoring, and Lockout/Tagout.

National and Local Safety Awards
FH Martin Constructors is recognized in our industry for our strong commitment to safety. The Associated General Contractors (AGC), insurance companies, and regulatory agencies alike have lauded FH Martin for our exceptional safety record.

We have proudly received numerous National AGC Safety Awards for our safety accomplishments. The first award was for zero lost workday case incidents (in the category of 50,000 work hours and over). We also received awards for 25% below the building division incidence rate.

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We also are the proud recipients of the AGC Greater Detroit Chapter Safety Award in the “50 thousand work hours” category. In order to qualify, we had to maintain an average lost workday incident rate of less than the chapter average of 0.963.

Safety Statistics
Our safety performance has earned the company Experience Modification Rates (EMR) of well below the industry standard of 1.00. In fact, we have been at or below an EMR of 0.81 for more than the past decade. The National Council on Compensation Insurance has developed this rating, which takes into account the frequency and severity of injuries, as well as reflects the claims history for a 3-year period. Our low EMR is an indication of our commitment to safety.

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